Broadband FAQ

TaskStart DateEnd Date
Planning & DesignAug 21Nov 21
Rod & Rope (prep for install)Nov 21Dec 21
Fibre Pull & Equipment instalTBCTBC
Commission & test TBCTBC

Why are we upgrading to Fibre? do we need it?

Gov grants are running out to provide fibre to people’s premises, and in fact, BT will withdraw copper phone lines from 2025, and stop selling them from 2023. From that point it will not be possible to have internet access over the copper lines. It would have been highly probably that without this grant funding, the park would have to privately fund this upgrade.

Do I have to use Gigaclear as my Service provider?

Gigaclear are providing the core fibre infrastructure (known as the network provider), under Open Access rules. This allows any approved service provider to supply your internet service over the Gigaclear infrastructure, including Gigaclear. The current list of providers is here

Both Glide & BT will still be able to provide normal broadband, over the copper phone lines, up to speeds of thirty mbits.s. however providing internet over fibre is cheaper than copper, due to reduced amount of equipment needed, for example BT is approx. £29 PM for 8mbits, Gigaclear is £24 for 300Mbits.s which is thirty-five times faster

Can I keep my BT phone line?

You can keep the BT phone line as the cooper wires are not being removed until 2025, you can also transfer your phone number to the new fibre provider, which will use Phonelines over IP. In this instance your existing phone will plug into the router not the wall, you will not notice any difference from now. (Infact all current phone calls are over the internet from Blockley exchange onwards today). When you select your provider remember to ask that you want to transfer your number. Alternatively, you can ask BT to provide a phone line only service until 2025.

Do I need a Phone line at all?

You may not need a phone line at all, 80% of mobile operators in the UK offer a Mobile over Wi-Fi service, this allows mobile calls to work over the internet, automatically seamlessly switching from Wi-Fi to 4G as you leave your home

How will they get 78 fibres into the BT ducts as well as existing Copper?

Gigaclear will place the new fibre next to the existing copper wires in the BT Ducts in the ground, this cable is approx. 1.2 cm in diameter and much smaller than existing copper ones. They have already surveyed the existing infrastructure and completed the design to allow this. They will provide 96 fibres from Blockley, sufficient for every house on the park.

What speeds can I get?

FTTP or FTTH can provide speeds up to 1000mbits.s, although typically today 30-100Mbits.s is enough for most houses. Ultra-High-Definition TV programs are around 18-25mbits.s, Zoom calls around 5-12 Mibit.s & general Online Gaming around 15 Mbits.s. However, it is likely that once fibre is in place more services will start to come over Fibre, indeed, Sky TV & Virgin Media are starting to delivery Satellite & Cable TV over Fibre rather than use dishes, Facebook (or Meta) are starting to develop virtual worlds, that allow families to sit in virtual reality googles and appear to all be in the same room.

Aren’t laser beams dangerous?

At extremely high power they can damage the eye, but Fibre providers do not use very high-power lasers, they are more like the LED you have on your TV or radio. However, to prevent any possibility of damage they use a special box on the wall outside or just inside your house called an ONU (Optical Network Unit) this converts the optical fibre to ethernet into your Wi-Fi router. This is very secure unit, and if accidentally damaged or opened will cut off the optical signal instantly. No laser lights are used in your house.